Coach Profiles
코치 인물 이미지
Zac Foley
Year Joined LFC:
Coaching Qualifications:

UEFA B Licence

  • FA Youth Module 1,2,3
  • UEFA A Prep
  • Sports Coaching Degree (2:1)
  • FDN Degree Football Coaching
Projects worked on for LFC:
  • LFC IA UAE Head Coach
  • LFC IA America – Coach Education
  • LFC IA Soccer Schools
  • LFC Partner Events
  • LFC Coach Education In-Service Training
  • LFC Team Tours
  • LFC CPDs
What it means to represent LFC :
"Working for Liverpool FC makes me feel a huge sense of honour and pride to represent one of the greatest and most successful football clubs in the world. It is an absolute privilege to coach players from all around the world how to play 'The Liverpool Way' and embrace the Club philosophy."
코치 인물 이미지
Hyun-jun Shim(James Shim)
Coaching Qualifications:
  • UEFA B Licence (유럽축구연맹 지도자 B급 자격증)
  • AFC C Licence (아시아축구연맹 지도자 C급 자격증)
  • Professional Sport Instructor Certification (Level 2)
  • 신정 초등학교 축구부 코치 ('07~'11), 부천유나이티드 FC 총괄감독 ('11-'16)
  • 전국 유소년 축구 최우수 지도자 상 다수 수상
  • (제10회 칠십리 춘계 전국 유소년 축구연맹전, 제27회 서울시협회장배축구대회,
  • 2007 화랑대기 전국 초등학교 축구대회)
코치 인물 이미지
Young-jae Shim(Jaden Shim)
Coaching Qualifications:
  • AFC C Licence (아시아축구연맹 지도자 C급 자격증)
  • Professional Football Player (2003-2014)
  • Pohang Steelers, Changwon FC,
  • Kyungnam FC (Professional Football Player; 2003-2014)