Coach Profiles
Dave Rogers
Year Joined LFC:
Coaching Qualifications:

UEFA Pro Candidate

  • UEFA A Licence
  • UEFA B Licence
  • FAI Youth Certificate
  • FA Child Safeguard
Projects worked on for LFC:
  • LFC IA Korea Head Coach
  • First Team Manager India
  • LFC IA India Head Coach
  • India National Team Assistant Coach
  • LFC IA Lead Coach
  • LFC Coach Educator
  • LFC Elites Residential Program
  • LFC Partner Events
What it means to represent LFC:
“It is a real honour and a privilege for me to be part of the Liverpool family, flying the flag around the world implementing TheLiverpool Way. Being a local lad who was brought up in the shadows of Anfield with all its tradition and history, makes what I do that extra bit special and meaningful.”
Mike Rice
Coaching Qualifications:

UEFA A License

  • UEFA B Licence
  • FA Youth Module 1
  • FA Futsal Level 1
  • NCFE Sports Coaching Certification
Projects worked on for LFC:
  • LFC IA Korea Coach
  • LFC DSK International Head Coach
  • LFC IA India Coach
  • LFC Partner Event
Hyun-jun Shim(James Shim)
Coaching Qualifications:
  • UEFA B Licence (유럽축구연맹 지도자 B급 자격증)
  • AFC C Licence (아시아축구연맹 지도자 C급 자격증)
  • Professional Sport Instructor Certification (Level 2)
  • 신정 초등학교 축구부 코치 ('07~'11),
  • 부천유나이티드 FC 총괄감독 ('11-'16)
  • 전국 유소년 축구 최우수 지도자 상 다수 수상
  • (제10회 칠십리 춘계 전국 유소년 축구연맹전,
  • 제27회 서울시협회장배축구대회,
  • 2007 화랑대기 전국 초등학교 축구대회)
Young-jae Shim(Jaden Shim)
Coaching Qualifications:
  • AFC C Licence (아시아축구연맹 지도자 C급 자격증)
  • Professional Football Player (2003-2014)
  • Pohang Steelers, Changwon FC,
  • Kyungnam FC (Professional Football Player; 2003-2014)